McGilvray urges Run the Rivers trail fans not to delay entering

McGilvray urges Run the Rivers trail fans not to delay entering

Underberg – As entries pour in for the 2022 Euro Steel Run The Rivers in partnership with FNB trail runs at the end of January, enthusiastic supporter of the event Sharlene McGilvray has urged runners not to delay in securing their spot as the two events have a strict combined cap of 500 runners.

Once she had closed a sporting chapter of her life as a BMX age group world champion McGilvray became an enthusiastic paddler and raced the N3TC Drak Challenge in Underberg before the trail run was added by the organisers of the Euro Steel Drak Descent MTB race, the third of the troika of sporting events that make up the Drak Adventure Weekend.

She has been a regular at the full distance trail run since its inception and, with a significant carry-over entry from 2021 already taking up the allocation of 500 entries, she says runners should not procrastinate.

“If you are thinking about doing this run, then don’t think too long,” she said. “It is the most amazing weekend of trail running, and the fresh chocolate milk you get at the finish is the cherry on top!”

McGilvray embodies the ethos popular on the event that is critically different to the elite racers competing for podium places at the front of the race.

“It is for everybody – walkers, hikers, you name it. I run and stop and take literally hundreds of photos over the two days,” the sprightly 62 year-old said.

She comes back every year because of the mix of great trails, the mountain scenery, the friendly camaraderie amongst the entrants and the unique buzz created by the three events held in Underberg on the same weekend.

“The vibe is unbelievable,” she says. “Being in the mountain in Underberg just has the most amazing feeling.”

“If you are going to ponder, you might miss out,” she added. “So just book. You won’t regret it, I promise you.”

“Oh and did I mention the chocolate milk?” she concluded with a quip.

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