Most of the tracks for the runners are very visibly marked, but there will be turns and cattle paths that may not be that clear.
You must also keep a good eye out for signage where the path splits for the Long and the Short runs.
A GPS device can definitely be used if you want absolute certainty of the route.

We have teamed up with EasyBike to make sure you have the best GPS experience.

EasyBike will be our GPS information and support gurus. They will be able to answer questions leading up to the event, at registration and during the event. If you have any questions, you can also email them directly on

They are also retail experts and have a wide range of GPS units available to fit everyone’s budget. To see their offering visit or email them for incredible offers.

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. This incredible system of navigation has made the Run The Rivers a better event. It is tried and tested and it is so easy to use!

Our route and single-track will still be prepared 110% for happiness but now runners will feel a sense of adventure using their GPS.

You will be able to show friends and family exactly where you have run, what your stats were, etc.

It ensures runners slow down and smell the cow poo as they cross this great county.

Check out our FAQ page to answer all your questions!