Euro Steel Run The Rivers

A green event

Sani Spoors (organisers of Drak Descent & Run the Rivers) is proud to be working with intent and meaning with three specific goals in mind: 

  1. Minimise all waste produced as a result of the Event 
  2. Recycle any waste created or produced by the Event
  3. Minimise the impact on the environment of all Event related activities 

While this may seem like a simple process, when we start to look at what we do, we realise that there is far more impact than we initially realised. Driving across open grasslands to place route markers is an example of potential damage to the land, thus part of the reason we are GPS mapping the routes is to minimise the need to cross land in vehicles for this purpose. Strategic marking will be placed by hand. Markers will be numbered, collected and reconciled after the event to ensure that no waste or markers are left in the environment. 

We are “plastic free” and will not have water sachets at the water points. Competitors must carry their own, or bring containers which can be refilled. This has become standard practise at most Trail Runs now. 

Finish line products will not be plastic, and if any plastic is used, this will be recycled directly. We have gone to great expense to provide compostable cups with water being made available from stainless steel drums – all with the aim to ensure minimal plastic usage. 

If you have any great ideas, initiatives or ways which we can minimise  our impact on the environment, then please share them with us. This is a project that we all undertake together and need as much input from everyone else to create a sustainable race and space to live in. 

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