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We are in lockdown as the country deals with the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, and tougher measures are being announced to try and curb the spreading of the virus.

As an event that attracts thousands of visitors to Underberg each year, this has put us under serious pressure. The trail runs are growing exponentially and there was already a superb entry in for this years race.

The Sani Spoors organising team has agonised over this, and we have decided that we simply cannot place the lives of any runner, their families, and the welfare of our helpers and staff or any of the Underberg residents at risk by hosting the event this year. The virus is spreading around Underberg and Himeville and the Harry Gwala district is now a national hotspot.

This is a call we are not enjoying making…
There are many reasons for this decision. Almost all the participants and their families come into Underberg from long distances and book overnight stays. The risk of the event turning into a super-spreader is real, and we feel strongly that we, and our sponsors, cannot let that happen.

There are serious medical considerations as well. Our top notch medical and ambulance team is a long way from any hospital, all of which are totally overstretched and understaffed right now. In the unlikely event of a serious medical emergency happening, prompt treatment and a bed cannot be assured!
If you have entered already you will get an email outlining three options:
– Defer your entry to 2022 (and get an entry before any possible increase in entry fee), or
– Donate your entry. All of this money will go to the charities and community organisations we support, or towards the continued employment of the track building team or to the alien plant and wattle clearing initiative; or
– Apply for a refund.

Newsletter - 30 November 2020

Entries are pouring in for the Euro Steel Run The Rivers and Run The Rivers Lite trail runs, and our trail designers have been very hard at work.

Every year we ask and listen, with the intention of making the next event even better.

With the runs starting early in the day, many people had to race back to Underberg to check out of their accommodation after the final days run.

We also fully understand the problem with getting back to your car when the start and finish are far apart.

Add to that, we have made great plans to ensure our event is safe and fully compliant with the COVID-19 rules limiting gathering outdoors to no more than 500 at any one time.

We have been working hard on new trails that aim to take you up to viewpoints where you can get awesome views of the Southern Drakensberg.
So here are the plans for 2021.
- Lots of NEW Trails with great Berg views!
- Both days start AND finish at Swartberg Road bridge - easy parking and close to Underberg accommodation.

Have a look at the routes for the 2021 races here. We are sure you are going to LOVE them!
Euro Steel Run The Rivers Day One
Euro Steel Run The Rivers Day Two
Euro Steel Run The Rivers Lite Day One
Euro Steel Run The Rivers Lite Day Two

Right now we have only 126 entries left for the Euro Steel Run The Rivers, so if you want to be part of the 2021 event, please get your entry in now to avoid disappointment.

Enter online

A reminder that our Registration and the Meet and Greet of Landowners and Sponsors will take place at Olde Duck on the Drak Gardens road from 12pm on Friday 29 January.

We have been continuing our ongoing programme of eradicating the Black Wattle alien invaders in the uMzimkhulu valley. A big thank you to Mike Streetfield from Farmers Agri care for the donation of chemicals that we have been using in the project!

Got any questions?
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Keep up that training! We can't wait to see you again at the Euro Steel Run the Rivers Trail Runs in January!

Run safely through 2020!

Newsletter - 30 October 2020

Greetings from the Sani Spoors team!

We are all very grateful to have received our first summer rains, to help river levels rise and to allow the summer crops to be planted.

We are also thrilled and grateful at the incredible response to the entries received already and thank every one of you who has committed to the event next year in these crazy times. We are heading towards a full field at record pace, so don't miss out if you want to be part of the events on the weekend of 30 & 31 January 2021. Please remember that the Euro Steel Run the Rivers entry numbers are capped.

If you have run one of the runs in the past, you are entitled to a pre-entry right now. This Sunday 1 November we open the entries to the general public, and we anticipate that the available spots in the full run and the Lite run will get snapped up pretty quickly.

So, if you have run before, please use the button below to secure your spot in the 2021 race. And if you are excited about running our trails for the first time, click this button on Sunday to secure your entry.

Enter online

We would like to thank Glen, Mandy, Bianca and the family for the successful use of Glencairn as a Registration Venue for the past two years, but for logistical reasons we will be moving the Registration and the Meet and Greet of Landowners and Sponsors back to the Olde Duck for 2021.
We are always looking at ways to improve our trails! We got great feedback from last year and are basing our plans very much around the trails we ran in January 2020. Check them out:
Euro Steel Run The Rivers Day One
Euro Steel Run The Rivers Day Two
Euro Steel Run The Rivers Lite Day One
Euro Steel Run The Rivers Lite Day Two

Everything else you need to know is on our new website at

We remain particularly proud of our team of riders and runners whom we have identified from our local community to be participants in the Drak Descent and Run the Rivers again next year. They are all honing their skills out on the trails, hard at work and gaining fitness every day. If you can assist these riders and runners in any way with helmets, bike shoes, pumps, spare parts, tyres, running shoes or any accessories which you may have extra, then we’d be most happy to pass them on. If you would like to donate items, please could you bring these along to Registration. Our event is inclusive for all riders and runners who wish to be part of something unique, spectacular and special and this happens through the wonderful group of people who assemble for the ride each year. Let’s keep this momentum going and growing.

We are delighted and proud to continue our relationship with Euro Steel, FNB and the other sponsors listed below. They have all loyally backed our events and we are committed to supporting them in return wherever we can!

Got any questions?

We are here to answer all your questions! Click on the this button to send us an email and we will get back to you
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The Sani Spoors Team is really looking forward to hosting you all again at the Euro Steel Run the Rivers Trail Run in 2021!

Run safely through 2020!

Newsletter - 30 September 2020

After a year of uncertainty and upset where we never knew what the next day could bring, the Spoors Team are able to offer some stability…The now famous Euro Steel Drak Descent MTB & Run the Rivers Trail Run, will be held on the 30th and 31st of January 2021. We are thrilled to bring you even more improvements, new energy & excitement in our 2021 edition of this iconic Southern Drakensberg event at exactly the same price as we did in 2020. Our events form part of the growing FNB Drak Adventure Weekend, which will include the N3TC Drak Challenge and FNB Music Experience.

As a result of an overwhelming number of requests coming in from potential entrants for the Drak Descent and Run the Rivers, we would first like to offer our faithful previous entrants a preferential entry period. To those of you that have heard the hype, but have not had an opportunity to enter in the past, never fear, there may still be a spot or two available when the entries open to the public. Jump in and enter in order to be placed onto the waiting list for entry allocation once the preferential entries close! In order to ensure that you receive what we have always strived to provide – “value for money” – the Spoors Team will guarantee a 100% refund should the event be cancelled due to another COVID19 Lockdown situation.

Remember, with regards to the MTB, while called the Descent, it is not an easy ride – and to our surprise, that is what most riders of reasonable fitness and skill really enjoy. They have called it “real mountain biking”. We hope that the date gives you adequate weeks of riding to work off the Christmas and New Years’ excesses and be in better shape for our event. We are happy to announce that for 2021 our founding sponsor Euro Steel is again involved with the MTB race and the Trail Run

Entries will open on 6 October to all previous years’ participants and entries to the general public will open on 1 November. For 2021, payment for the race must be made upon registration. We no longer have a register now and pay later option. Due to our event having a limited number of participants, we cannot hold entries indefinitely. We will allow previous years’ participants to register and pay up until 30 November 2020.

Euro Steel Drak Descent & MTB Challenge:

Drak Descent Team – R1600
Drak Descent Solo – R800

Euro Steel MTB Challenge – R500

(substitutions at a cost of R200)

Approximate Distances:
Drak Descent     Day 1 = 42km    Day 2 = 45km

MTB Challenge   Day 1 = 25km     Day 2 = 18km

The Euro Steel Drak Descent is classified as a Mini Stage Race and therefore riders of the age 15+ in December are allowed to ride.

Euro Steel will continue to support the Run the Rivers Trail Run 2021. What more could organisers ask for from a sponsor when they just continue to do more, give more and add such value to our event? We are ever grateful to Colin and his team and all at Euro Steel who make this possible.

Euro Steel Run the Rivers Trail Run & Lite:  

Trail Run & Lite – R500
(substitutions at a cost of R200)

Approximate Distances:
Trail Run            Day 1 = 25km    Day 2 = 16km
Lite                      Day 1 = 12km    Day 2 = 8km

Riders and Runners who enter either the Euro Steel MTB Challenge or one of the Euro Steel Run the Rivers Trail Runs, have to ENTER FOR BOTH DAYS (i.e. you cannot enter for only one of the days, but you can run or ride only one day if you so wish).


For the MTB event click here or for the Trail Run click here (as of 6th October) which will take you to the specific event. Ride and Run safely through 2020!

The Sani Spoors Team is really looking forward to hosting you all again at the Euro Steel Drak Descent, MTB Challenge and Euro Steel Run the Rivers Trail Run in 2021!